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The St Leonard's Hospice Accumulator 2024 Challenge

On the 3rd of February, we start our challenge to raise £5,000 to help St Leonard's Hospice. This charity is close to our hearts, and we were hoping you could help us by using the QR code below to donate.

St Leonard's Hospice logo and QR code
Just Give QR Code

You can donate by clicking here.

Our Monthly St Leonard's Hospice challenges are as follows:-

3rd February – Run a Marathon Over the Next 30 Days:

Chloe will take on the challenge of running a marathon over the next 30 days.

This will conclude on the 29th of February.

5th February – Dress Down Friday:

Each Friday, we will ask everyone to bring in £1 to dress down. All proceeds will

go towards the end total.

8th February – Raffle Sale & Guess the Name of the Teddy Bear:

GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!!!! Any raffle donations will be welcome; please hand these into the

Health & Wellbeing team by Tuesday, 6th February. Don’t forget to ask family and

friends to get involved. Raffle tickets will be sold for £2 a ticket or £5 for a

strip. 'Guess The Bear's Name' will be £1 per entry.

15th February – Valentine’s Bake Sale/Bake Off:

To spread the love at Valentine’s we will welcome as many people as possible to

attend the office and participate in the bake sale/bake-off. Please

bring plenty of pennies to enjoy the sweet treats on sale. Health & Wellbeing will

provide a prize for the best bake!


25th February – 10-Mile Neon Walk:

Julie, Heather, Shanice, and Chloe will all be participating in a 10-mile walk around

York. Taking in the beautiful sites of the bar walls, river Ouse and many more. The

walk from the RG York office will commence at 10:30 am, and everyone is welcome

to join us. Fancy dress is welcome – the brighter, the better!

29th February – The Final Push Pub Quiz and Bingo:

THE FINAL PUSH!!!! Go big or go home

This is our last chance to raise as much money as possible for St Leonard’s, so

let’s get everyone involved! Health & Wellbeing will be putting on a pub quiz and

bingo game at the office for all to enjoy. Entry to both events will be £5 per person.

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