Lasting Power of Attorney

You are never too young to have a lasting power of attorney (LPA) in place.  So many people believe that they do not have to worry until they are over 55 years of age, when in fact if you lead an active life such as skiing, mountain biking any form of extreme sport it may be worthwhile putting something in place now. 

A lasting power of attorney is like taking out car insurance.  You have car insurance in place, albeit it is a legal requirement, but it also gives you peace of mind because you hope that you never have to use it.  So, the policy goes into a drawer and you forget about it.  That’s what you need to do with your LPAs put them in a drawer and hope that your loved ones will never need to use them.  The great thing is that you do not have to get a new one every year.  


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However if the day comes when your LPA is needed your loved ones will be so grateful that you had the forethought to put a lasting power of attorney in place which will enable them to make decisions on your behalf and ensure your financial and health issues are looked after when you are not able to do so for yourself.

What types of Last Power of Attorney are there?

Property and affairs

This lasting power of attorney allows your Attorney(s) to deal with:


Paying your bills


Collecting income and benefits


Dealing with your tax affairs


Selling or Buying your home


May have authority straight away or only for certain assets or only if you have lost mental capacity

Health and welfare

This lasting power of attorney allows your Attorney(s) to deal with:


Where you live


Your medical and day to day care


Your diet, dress and visitation


Even whether to give or refuse life-sustaining treatment if you chose


Authority will only be effective if you have lost mental capacity

We want to be your private client lawyer for those milestones in your life. So, if you want a lasting power of attorney in place we are here to help you.  Every client is a VIP so let us represent you.

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