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Service Levels

The property market has now “reopened”, and we are keen to help as many moves as possible through to completion. However, the Government’s advice is to only go to work if you have to or can not work from home. Our most senior team members continue to work for all our clients, but they are working mainly from home in line with advice. 


We know that things are still difficult for everyone, and we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy.

Our Conveyancing, Wills and Probate Departments continue to take instructions and progress matters as usual, including Declarations of Trusts for our conveyancing clients. Conveyancing transactions continue to be worked on by one centralised team, and as such, any of our team members can work on your file. Our team will prioritise the workload in the following order:

1. Matters that have already been exchanged with a set completion date.

2. Remortgage transactions which are unaffected by the situation.
3. Matters where all parties have confirmed that they can work towards exchange with a fixed completion date.
4. Matters where the property is already vacant or is a build ready new build property.

5. Matters where a mortgage offer and search results have already been received.

6. Matters where we have been told that we can obtain a mortgage offer or search results.

7. Matters where we can not yet get a mortgage offer or search results but which all parties have confirmed they wish to be ready to exchange and complete as soon as possible after relaxation of the lockdown.
8. All other matters

You can reach our team members by phone on their direct line. If you do not contact them, please leave a voicemail, and they will return your call as soon as possible. All other calls will go to a central voicemail system, and emails will auto-forward to a centralised inbox. A team member will pick them up and respond (in line with the above priorities) as soon as they can. The post will be collected, scanned and emailed to the team to work on.

We are sure that you will appreciate that it will take us slightly longer to respond at this challenging time. We are sorry that this is the case but hope you will understand that in the circumstances, this is unavoidable.
We promise to contact you as soon as possible and ask that you bear with us and trust that we will contact you, although not necessarily in the same way you contacted us or from the person you initially contacted at RG.

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