Court of Protection Deputyship

There may come a time in our lives when we lack the capacity to make decisions for ourselves this could be due to an unexpected illness, accident, disability or dementia.  This is where your lasting power of attorney (LPA) provides you with peace of mind, like your car insurance, it’s in the drawer and you hope that your loved ones will never have to use it.  


However, if you are investigating Court of Protection Deputyship you are seeking help, support and advice on how you are going to help a friend or family member by becoming a deputy for them because they do not have an LPA in place. 

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Just like an LPA there are two types of deputy: -


Personal welfare deputy


Property and financial affairs duty

The Property and Financial Affairs will enable you to pay bills and organise their financial affairs while the Personal Welfare will enable you to make decisions regarding their medical treatment along with how they will be looked after. 

You will need to apply to the Court of Protection when you want to become a deputy. The court can appoint more than one deputy. If there is more than one deputy looking after one person's affairs it is important to tell the court how decisions will be made with the other deputy either together or separately. For advice on a joint and severally deputyships please contact us for details.

When you are responsible for the property and financial affairs the Office of the Public Guardian will require a yearly account of how you have managed the financial affairs as a deputy.  

Some people can be paid to take on the role of a deputy such as a lawyer. We want to be your private client lawyer for those milestones in your life.  So, if you want us to advise you on Court of Protection Deputyship, we are here to help you.  Every client is a VIP so let us represent you.

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