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After Winning One Award For Our Conveyancing Service, RG Law Is Shortlisted For Two More Awards

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The Access Legal Modern Law Awards have shortlisted us for their Client Care Award and LexisNexis for their Customer Focus Award 2023.

Our continued approach to putting our customers at the heart of the conveyancing process by focusing on communication and transparency with all stakeholders during the conveyancing process is the reason we are being recognized for service excellence and the reason, we believe, for our nominations.

These nominations come five months after winning the Conveyancing Law Firm of the Year Award 22/23 from the Central England Prestige Awards.

RG Law is proud of its commitment to delivering a legal service its customers want in the way they want. Introducing our new case management system, LEAP, is another step in providing seamless service to our customers, estate agents, financial advisors, and developers. It is impossible to do conveyancing in isolation, and our customers need their conveyancing solicitor to be proactive and open to working with everyone involved in their property transaction to drive things forward. Unfortunately, the market has seen an increase in fall-throughs due to delays, and this is because some people in the process are more interested in playing legal tennis than in getting the job done.

Our approach to the law is to give the solicitor/conveyancer on the other side of our transactions as much information as possible. We consider what we would ask if we were in their position and proactively obtain as much information as possible to cover the possible enquires that are likely to be raised. We don’t waste time. This is reflected in the Trustpilot reviews from our customers, who can feel our commitment to their outcomes rather than hear it. Most people will remember how they felt about our service rather than what we said we’d do.

Being shortlisted by The Access Legal Modern Law and LexisNexis is a win for us. We are a small law firm specializing in conveyancing and wills and probate for the last 15 years, focussed on our employees and giving them the opportunities to learn and develop and now the tools to do their best work and have excelled. These nominations are a testament to their hard work and commitment and our commitment to continue to put our employees first because, without our employees, there is no customer service to give.


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