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A Christmas Party worth waiting for!

We had the pleasure of having our delayed Christmas party on Friday. Loved reconnecting with our York colleagues and we had the best time ever with Matt Gillies, Tina Khanna and Donata Crossfield. We feel that 2022 is going to be an outstanding year for us with our focus on consistency and developing our employees and promoting #happiness and #welbeing for our employees and our customers.

Last year we introduced our company values and our Why? The reason we get up in the morning (read Simon Sinek's book Start with Why). We want to give our customers a legal service they want in the way they want. Feedback via Trustpilot gives our customers a platform to share their RG experience and also helps us to improve our service.

Meet the winners of the RG Law 2021 Values Awards and the most positive reviews.

Business to Reflect Ourselves won by Sophie Luckett

Commitment to High Standards won by Laura Baldwin

Quality and Excellence won by Uba Ngenegbo

Openness & Respect won by Yewande Owoola

Integrity & Loyalty won by Max Marsh

Connection to All won by Debbie McLeod

Trustpilot reviews won by Faye Bishop and Georgia Salter

What an amazing group of people we're all looking forward to this year's party.

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