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Rapid Remortgage

£500, including VAT, with completion in 7 to 14 days

Put your feet up its all been taken care of
Rapid Remortgage

The new year has kicked off positively, with brokers utilising our Rapid Remortgage service. The comprehensive fee of £500 encompasses the expenses associated with a standard freehold remortgage, providing clients with clarity on their costs and facilitating a straightforward instruction process for our brokers.

Expressing admiration for our conveyancing team, Sales Manager Adam Bainbridge noted, "I'm so impressed that, in some instances, we've managed to complete a remortgage in just five days. While we can't declare this as a headline timeframe due to the need for perfect alignment of stars, including a swift response from the client with paperwork and getting the mortgage offer, there's certainly no harm in striving for it."

Rapid Remortgage in action

RG Law successfully finalised a remortgage before the client transitioned to the Standard Variable Rate (SVR), a scenario the client had resigned to accepting, having switched at the eleventh hour. The financial advisor who recommended our services expressed immense satisfaction.

Given the pressure many individuals face to secure the best mortgage rates, the brokers/financial advisors we collaborate with depend on us to expedite the process, ensuring their clients swiftly transition to the new rate. Consequently, we consistently review our processes to maintain a prompt and efficient service.

The article in Mortgage Introducer on 8 January 2024 focuses on what is included in our Rapid Remortgage. The necessary legal documents, including the title deed, bankruptcy search fees, land registry fee, ID checks, bank transfer fees, search indemnity fee and an AP1 fee.

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