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How Do You Protect Your Home from Fraudsters

Keep your home safe from fraudsters
How do you protect your home

There is a significant risk of title fraud, yet only around 2.5% of homeowners have signed up for the HM Land Registry’s free property Alert service. Buying a property is probably the most expensive item some of us will ever purchase, yet we are not doing all we can to protect our homes.

In response to the article published in Today’s Conveyancer by Thirdfort, a risk management, anti-money laundering, and source of funds verification platform that reported a 30% increase in the number of homeowners signing up to a property alert scheme. Is this enough? What more can be done to encourage homeowners to protect their most valuable assets?

Tina Khanna, Conveyancing Director for RG Law, emphasised the continuous targeting of the conveyancing industry by fraudsters due to its involvement in high-value transactions. 'Consequently, We strongly advise all our customers purchasing a property to take advantage of the HM Land Registry's Property Alert Service by offering this service through our report confirmation form.'

Your home is protected because if any activity relating to your property occurs, you will be alerted by HM Land Registry.

Visit HM Land Registry’s Property Alert Service now and register your property ownership.


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