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Can Planting Bamboo Really Be A Problem?

Bamboo in Pots
Can Planting Bamboo Really Be A Problem

Bamboo is great for providing privacy and foliage for borders, but can planting bamboo really be a problem?

Bamboo encroachment across property boundaries has become a cause for concern among homeowners, often leading to disputes. Bamboo poses a significant threat, spreading faster and farther than Japanese knotweed, yet most individuals are unconcerned.

It could cost thousands of pounds to remove if it threatens neighbouring properties. An article in Conveyancing Today highlights the issues that can be faced.

If you have bamboo in your garden or view a property that has bamboo, there are a few things worth investigating:

  1. Containment: Bamboo possesses a robust root system and can rapidly spread if not adequately contained. Simply using a wooden pot may not be sufficient, as bamboo can send out rhizomes that extend beyond the pot's boundaries.

  2. Maintenance: Regular maintenance and monitoring are crucial to ensure that bamboo remains within its designated area and does not encroach upon neighbouring properties. Regularly pruning or trimming the bamboo is necessary to control its growth and prevent it from becoming invasive.

  3. Barriers: Installing physical barriers, such as underground barriers made of metal or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), can serve as an additional measure to prevent the spread of bamboo. These barriers can help restrict the growth of bamboo rhizomes.

The article in Conveyancing Today emphasises the damage that can be caused by bamboo and the spiralling costs.

Conveyancing Today (2023, May 26). Bamboo encroachment across property boundaries causes disputes between homeowners.

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