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HR Hereford

Embark on a seamless property journey in the Hereford postcode area with RG Law, ensuring every property transaction in this region is meticulous and focused on your needs.

HR Hereford

"From the bustling streets of the city centre to the serene outskirts, our dedication ensures every property transaction is handled with precision and a personal touch.

Why Choose RG Law?
Direct Communication: With keen insights into the property market, our conveyancers provide clarity and assurance for every transaction.

​Step-by-Step Guidance: Our clients will receive thorough guidance, ensuring they are confident at every step.

Local Expertise: Collaborating with local agents in the local area, we guarantee top-notch service and unmatched local knowledge.​

Engage on Your Terms: Interact with our team through various channels. We eagerly await your feedback, email us at RG Law and stay connected.

Experience in the Property Market?
Certainly! RG Law has been a trusted figure in the conveyancing property market for over 15 years.

What is Conveyancing?
It is the legal process undertaken to transfer the legal title of a property from one person to another.

Differences Between 'Exchange' and 'Completion'?
The 'Exchange' is the legal commitment, and 'Completion' is when the property changes ownership.

Can good property lawyers, licensed conveyancers or solicitor save me money?
Yes, absolutely! A good solicitor can save you 100's of £s on the process of a new property purchase or even on remortgaging an existing property. Solicitors will usually have a multitude of services on offer, and it takes a good (and conscientious) solicitor to guide you to only take the one's really required for your specific circumstance.​

What is the difference between solicitors and lawyers?
Realistically there is no difference between solicitors and lawyers. A Lawyer is a broad term under which Solicitors also fall, who tend to focus on providing legal advice and support across numerous areas such as proprty law, contract law, criminal law, and probate law.

Do Solicitors still offer free advice?
We can't speak for all solicitors, but the property lawyers, licensed conveyancers and solicitors we employ within RG Law are all more than happy to help and give advice where possible. We also try to give out as much free advice as possible via our website and even have free quote generators available for the public to use."

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