Protecting Our Clients

RG Solicitors is tightening up on its processes and procedures to protect its clients and their money.  Email hacking is becoming a serious threat to those involved in buying or selling a property which is why our firm uses the Safe Buyer Scheme for all its conveyancing transactions, it is an essential fraud prevention tool and we are proud to be the first firm to pro-actively stop our client from being defrauded with the help of this scheme.

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RG client almost gets defrauded but was prevented just in time, by the Safe Move scheme

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Buyers robbed of £299,000 due to email hacking reported in The Telegraph on 5th July 2015

Fraudsters manage to steal £299,000.00 from a buyer by intercepting their emails and providing false bank details.   This took place four days after another buyer lost their £50,000 deposit through a similar act.  It seems both buyers, sellers and law firms need to be extra vigilant reports Nicole Blackmore for The Telegraph.   Read the full article here.

Buyer robbed of £50,000 due to email hacking  reported in Conveyancing Today on 1st July 2015

Buyers beware criminals are now turning their attention to buyers. Conveyancing Today report on ‘phishing’ technique that enabled fraudsters to convince a buyer to transfer £50,000 into their account while believing she was transferring her money to her solicitor’s bank account.  Read Chris Langford’s article here .

Seller robbed of £270,000 due to email hacking reported in The Telegraph on 29th May 2015

Following a number of high profile reports, in the Telegraph, where sellers have been subjected to potential fraudsters diverting payments. It is recommended that more is done to protect funds during a conveyancing transaction.  Click here to read Nicole Blackmore’s article on email hacking.