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We give all our clients the opportunity to draft their will as part of our ongoing goal to promote the importance of having a Will in place.  We want more of our clients to make a Will to secure their family’s future inheritance and to avoid unnecessary inheritance tax or intestacy.

A Will is important especially when you are purchasing a very expensive asset… your Home! Or you are releasing equity when you sell!

Cancer Research has made it possible for you to draft your will for free with the opportunity to leave a legacy in your will to help win the fight on cancer. We are proud to support Cancer Research.

Most importantly our clients who make Wills with us can take advantage of creating two LPAs each for the price of one giving you a big saving.


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Have you registered your Will? 
We can now register your Will for you and if it was written with us prior to April 2018 it’s FREE! After that date, there may be a small registration charge. 
Why should I register my Will? 
If your Will is deemed lost or indeed never written your loved ones and benefactors are exposed to potential financial loss and obviously additional stress.  
We hold your Will safely, but we digitally record its location on the Wills register so that benefactors can always locate it when the time comes. 
It is a fact that the majority of people (67% in a recent survey) would not know where to locate a parent's Will. The passage of time, house moves, and new relationships are all contributing factors to this statistic. 
How Do I Register? 

Simply call, write or click on the ‘get in touch’ form to request that we register your Will today! 


What you can expect from RG Law when you have engaged our services?



  • Communicating with a client via phone, email and post 

  • Personal advice and guidance throughout 

  • Free Will Registration with Certainty the National Will Register 

  • Free Will Storage in the safe  



  • Communicating with a client via phone, email, post and meetings, including witnessing the Will signing 

  • Personal advice and guidance throughout 

  • Free Will Registration with Certainty the National Will Register 

  • Free Will Storage in the safe  



  • Available to any adult from 18 years old all year round  

  • Free Personal Service to the client 

  • Donation to CRUK in the Will  

  • Free Storage and Will Registration with Certainty  



  • The client is directed to RG Law by the participating charity 

  • Free Personal Service to the client 

  • Donation to charity in the Will  

  • Free Storage and Will Registration with Certainty  


Why do I need a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY (LPA) – property and/or welfare 

  • Communicating with a client via phone, email and post and meetings, including witnessing the signing of the documents 

  • Personal advice and guidance throughout 

  • Free LPA Storage in the safe  

  • 2for1 offer to Will clients 



  • A Will only takes effect on death, but nobody can deal with finances and welfare unless there a legally binding LPA during the lifetime 

  • If no LPA, somebody (in some cases even local council) will need to apply to the Court of Protection to get permission to make decisions and deal with assets 

  • The court process is invasive, expensive and takes a long time 

  • If you make an LPA, somebody you trust will be able to act on your behalf and deal with things as you expect 

  • Huge savings on 2for1 LPAs for Will clients -  saving £420 per LPA, so a couple saves £840! 




Unless there is valid Will in the event of death, the Law will decide how everything is dealt with and who will receive what.  



  • You decide what happens 

  • You pick who will be in charge of finalising everything (Executors) 

  • You pick who will look after the children (Guardians) 

  • You pick who will receive everything and in what shares 



  • Receiving advice on what suits your circumstances and what can be done to save Inheritance Tax or long term care fees 

  • Bespoke drafting so that your wishes are followed 

  • Ensuring that your Will is properly executed and legally binding 


SINGLE PERSON – not married, no children 

  • If there is no Will, everything will pass to parents or siblings or cousins etc. 

  • If parents are divorced, they will still have to share everything equally 

  • Nothing passes to partner 

  • If intending to marry, a statement can be inserted in their Will to say that marriage will not affect the Will 



  • Until the divorce is finalised, the husband or wife will still inherit the assets regardless of how long they have been separated  

  • Any existing Will is still valid even after the divorce is complete, so even if the spouse can’t inherit, other provisions such as Executors and gifts may still need to change 

  • They may still have some joint assets, such a joint property, so the beneficial ownership may need to be changed from Joint Tenants to Tenants in Common  

  • Trustees and Guardians may be necessary to look after the children 



  • Husband and wife should provide for each other to take advantage of full Inheritance Tax allowances 

  • Trustees and Guardians will be needed for children 

  • If there are children from previous relationships, trusts may be necessary 

  • I want to protect funds from care home fees or second marriage or Inheritance Tax, trusts may be necessary 


UNMARRIED COUPLE – possibly first-time buyers 

  • Partners are not entitled to anything regardless of  how long they have been together  

  • There is no such thing as “common-law wife/husband”  

  • Partners need to provide for each other in their Wills for that to be legally binding 

  • Trustees and Guardians may be necessary for children 

  • Trusts may be necessary to allow a partner to continue living in a property and to ensure that children may still inherit 

  • If expected to marry, this can be confirmed in the Will so that the marriage does not affect it 

We want to be your family solicitor for those milestones in life.  So if you want to draft a prenuptial agreement or want help with the administration of an estate (probate) we can help you.  Every client is a VIP so let us look after you.

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