Conveyancing costs for the sale or purchase of a property

Every property transaction is unique just like every client and our fees reflect the various nuances of a sale, purchase or remortgage conveyancing transaction. The service quality is reflected in our fees and you can find out more by visiting Trustpilot to read what our clients are saying about us.

For a typical standard conveyancing transaction, our fees start at:-

£600.00 plus VAT (£720.00 inclusive of VAT) for a property sale

£655.00 plus VAT (£786.00 inclusive of VAT) for a property purchase

For a typical standard remortgage transaction, our fees start at:-

£420.00 plus VAT (£504.00 inclusive of VAT) for a remortgage

However, if your conveyancing or remortgage transaction is complex and a high-value property our fees could increase to:-

£2499 plus VAT (£2998.80 inclusive of VAT) or above.  We will always provide you with a full breakdown of our estimated costs that will relate to your property sale, purchase or remortgage.

Once your conveyancing starts we will communicate with you throughout your transaction and raise any complex issues we come across, with you, so you can make an informed decision as to how you wish us to proceed. We will also advise you of any potential additional costs that may be incurred before we carry out any further work.

Conveyancing can typically take anything from 8 – 13 weeks to reach completion. We work closely with your estate agent, financial advisor and the solicitor acting for your buyer or seller to ensure communication flows between all parties, so your desired exchange/completion date can be reached. Click here to see the key conveyancing stages.

If you have been referred to RG solicitors via a third party ie an estate agent or financial adviser it is possible that there is a referral agreement in place. Further details are available upon request.