Can my ex-partner get a mortgage deal so she can stay in our house?

‘Question: My partner and I bought a house together as tenants in common with a four-year fixed-rate mortgage. The house was £370,000 and the deposit was £150,000 which I had inherited on my dad’s death, and which we agreed would be ring fenced as mine. My partner and I split up less than two years later, and I left and currently live with my brother. My ex-partner would like to stay in the house but cannot afford to buy me out. I am willing to negotiate but have no idea what is possible. Would she be able to remortgage releasing some – but not necessarily all – of my deposit? An added complication is that we will both be on smaller salaries from this year, and although our mortgage that we currently split 50:50 is perfectly affordable, for her to pay the total, or more than the current total, would not be feasible. Would the lender consider dropping to an interest-free mortgage when the current fixed-rate term expires next January? Are there any other options we could consider (other than sale)?’

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– 24/09/2018