A time to celebrate – 100 years of women in law

100 years on from the removal of the Sex Disqualification (removal) act, RG Law is proud to celebrate its female solicitors and conveyancers who apply the law every day.

Madge Easton Anderson was the first professional female lawyer in the UK, qualifying as a solicitor in Scotland. Our Partner, Tina Khanna, Solicitor, is an asset to this firm and has been with us for over 7 years heading up our conveyancing department in Sidcup and in York. She brings a wealth of legal knowledge enabling her to apply the law as well as being an inspiration to others who wish to embark on a journey to practise law. Tina is responsible for the training and development of our conveyancing team and she leads by example promoting good practice, commitment and professionalism.

What a fantastic opportunity to recognise and celebrate this landmark act, which provided women with a platform to thrive in the legal industry. It is great to be part of a profession that recognises all individuals and places everyone on an equally footing,

‘I am extremely proud to be part of a great team at RG Law, where both men and women excel through hard work, commitment and have the ability to thrive in a positive and progressive environment. My team are my motivation and make me want to be the best Solicitor and woman, I can possibly be. I learn something new from my colleagues every day through their individual learning journeys and progression. Thank you to the whole team for making me enjoy my role so much and making me the person I am today,’ said Tina Khanna, RG Law’s Partner.

To find out more and to see how to get involved visit First 100 Years.